Technical Support

Chememan’s sales personnel are highly experienced in lime application. We work closely with customers to determine the product that best suits customers’ demands. We also address and provide solutions to any technical challenges from customers in the most timely and efficient manner.


Chememan provides transportation services along for our products. We have employed the best practices in providing cost-efficient logistics solutions to our customers and always ensure that their logistic requirements are always satisfied.

For domestic sales, Chememan delivers our products to customers by either our own fleet of dump trucks and tank trucks or trustworthy and reliable contracted transport companies. Moreover, customers also have flexibility to collect their products at our plants with their own logistics. For export sales, the products are shipped directly from our plants in Thailand, Vietnam, and India or through our distribution centers in Western Australia depending on customers’ geographical location. At Chememan, we constantly build and maintain strong long-term relationships with global shipping companies to ensure the most efficient, economical, and reliable logistic solutions to our customers.

Material Handling

With our technical expertise, Chememan’s technical support team works directly with customers to develop and provide solutions that are best for their specific requirements and enhance their competitive advantage. Upon discussion and request from customers, Chememan can provide portable silos along with loading/ unloading equipment at customers’ sites to ensure Safety stock and reliability of supply for customers.

Quality Assurance (QA) and R&D

Chememan has a world-class laboratory facility to ensure our products meet industry standard and provide our customers with the most accurate laboratory results possible. We also work with customers to develop products to serve their specific requirements.