Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

The Company has a policy to pay shareholders dividends of at least 40% of consolidated net profit after deduction of corporate income tax and all reserves required by law or the rules and regulations of the Company. The dividend payments must not exceed the Company’ s retained earnings based on its separate financial statements, and the dividend cannot be paid if the Company has deficit based on its separate financial statements.

The payments of dividend may be changed due to the Company’ s cashflow, operating results, financial structure, investment plans, conditions and obligations of the Company in different contracts, future requirements and appropriateness, as well as the consistency of the dividend payments.

The annual dividend payments must be approved by the shareholders’ meeting except for interim dividend payments which the board of directors may approve occasionally when the Company has enough profits. The interim dividend payments must be reported to the next shareholders’ meeting.

X-Date Record Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend
(per Share)
Unit Source of Dividend
27/08/19 28/08/19 11/09/19 Cash Dividend 0.02 Baht Net Profit
13/03/19 14/03/19 22/05/19 Cash Dividend 0.05 Baht Net Profit
20/08/18 21/08/18 05/09/18 Cash Dividend 0.05 Baht Retained Earnings