Markets of Lime Products

Chememan supplies high quality lime products to a wide range of industries for a myriad of use, including iron and steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals mining, pulp and paper, sugar, bio-plastics, and many more.

Industrial Use

The largest use of lime has been for industrial use, where lime serves as a flux for removing impurities in refining metals. Lime is also used to beneficiate copper ore to make alumina and magnesia for use in aluminum. Construction is also needed lime in making concretes and bricks. Chemical recovery in paper and pulp requires lime in their productions. Lime is also part of many innovative products, such as fiberglass, which is important for renewable energy. In the chemical and petrochemical sector, lime is the basic chemicals used in the production process.
Iron and Steel
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Mining
Construction and Construction Materials
Pulp and Paper
Specialty Fiber Glass

Agricultural Use

The use of lime is important in agriculture. With its high source of calcium, lime becomes part of many agricultural processes, including improving the quality of soil, removing acid soil, and balancing acidic in shrimp farms.
Shrimp Farm

Environmental Use

Lime is used in a wide range of activities in the environmental sector. Before the water we use every day is clean, it has been through the process of using lime for treatment. In electricity production and also in incinerators, lime helps absorb and neutralize sulfur oxides from stack gases, prevent acid rain, and reduce emissions from hazardous air pollutants to the atmosphere.
Water Treatment
Flue Gas Treatment

Household Use

Lime is embedded in every part of human life. From what we eat to things we use mostly use lime in their production processes. Before sugar becomes edible, lime helps to separate contaminants. Before glasses, mirrors, and bottles are clear and see-through, lime is part of that. Fermenting sugar and tapioca to make bioplastic products also require the use of lime. Therefore, lime is around us every day.
Glass & Bottle