Tubkwang Quarry, Saraburi province

Tubkwang Quarry contains over 115 million tons of mineable reserves in form of ultra-high Calcium limestone, i.e. chemical-grade limestone with > 98% calcium content. A limestone crushing plant with 3 million tons of annual production capacity is also located here at this quarry.

Kangkoi plant, Saraburi province

Kangkoi plant hosts 6 coal-fired lime kilns with total 530,000 tons per year. All lime kilns at this plant use modern technology from Switzerland and consume quality sub-bituminous coal as key source of fuel. With its proximity to Tubkwang quarry and logistics advantages, the company has developed many expansion projects for this site. 

Prabuddhabaht plant, Saraburi province

Prabuddhabaht plant hosts 2 gas-fired vertical shaft kilns using German technology with annual installed production capacity of 365,000 tons. The facility also houses large silos and warehouses with grinding machines.

Rayong plant, Rayong province

Rayong plant is established to manufacture hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2), which is resultant product from mixing quicklime with a sufficient amount of water through a hydrator, to serve customers from various industries both domestically and internationally. The plant is located in Amata City Industrial Estate, which provides logistics efficiency for our international customers.