Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Company realizes the importance of conducting business for sustainable growth with corporate social responsibilities. We strive to operate the business with good morale, ethics and care towards stakeholders, the economy, the society and the environment, and hopes that conducting business with social responsibilities would benefit the society and our business growth at the same time. The Company has also established a social responsibility policy for all employees to follow which can be grouped into seven sections, as follows:

01 Fair Business Conduct

The Company aims to conduct business with honestly, fairness, good business ethics, and is determined to compete commercially in accordance with good business ethics, laws, and principles of fair trade competition, including refusing any acts that go against fair competition. The Company respects the intellectual property of others by requiring its employees comply with the law or regulations of intellectual property. The Company also has campaign projects to instill social responsibility for all employees,

The Company operates its business on the basis of being transparent, ethical, adhering to good governance and in accordance with anti-corruption laws, and is not involved in giving or receiving unlawful bribes with government or private officials. The Company’s organizational structure clearly separates duties and responsibilities, work process and line of command. This is to have check and balance and appropriate examination between functions. The Company has an anti-corruption policy for directors, management and employees, and its subsidiaries and affiliate to follow.

The Company supports and respects human rights by treating concerned parties including staff, the community and society with respect in value of human being, equal rights and freedom, not infringing on basic rights of anyone, and not discriminating against race, nationality, religion, gender, education, physical appearance, or social status. The Company sees to it that its business is not involved in violation of human rights. The Company supports monitoring its compliance with the human rights requirements by having those who have interests voice their opinions, arranging a channel for anyone who was violated in terms of human rights from the operations of the Company, and arranging for reasonable remedies.

The Company realizes the importance of development of human resource, and fair treatment to labor which is a factor that will increase business value, and promote competitive position and sustainable growth of the Company. The Company has set the following guidelines for fair treatment of labor:

  1. Respect employees’ rights by adhering to human rights and labor laws.
  2. Arrange for recruitment, employment, terms of employment, remuneration, fair performance evaluation.
  3. Promote human resource development by arranging training and conferences in various fields that are related to enhancing employees’ knowledge and potential, including instilling good attitudes, morality, ethics, and teamwork.
  4. Provide different employee benefit plans as required by law, such as social security; and not required by law, such as provident funds, health insurance, accident insurance, disability insurance, staff housing, emergency loans, housing loans, and different monetary assistance such as mortality allowance.
  5. Provide yearly physical checkups for all employees, with consideration to risk factors according to age, gender and work environment.
  6. Provide a safe environment and proper hygiene in the workplace by setting measures to protect accident and promote safety consciousness, training and promoting employees’ good health and providing a healthy and safe work environment.
  7. Give employees opportunities to express opinions or make complaints of unjust practices or incorrect acts in the Company, including protecting the complainant.

The Company is determined to develop its customer service to achieve customer satisfaction, and be responsible and honest in dealing with customers. It oversees that the production process runs efficiently to deliver products according to quantity and time as agreed with the customer. If there is significant change in the production plan that may affect the delivery of products, the Company will discuss with the customer to minimize the impact.

The Company gives emphasis on being responsible to society by preserving the environment. The Company strictly follows the rules regarding environment protection, and support activities that preserve the environment by allocating personnel and funds to continually look after the environment, and coordinates such efforts with communities.

The Company recognizes its responsibilities towards communities and the society, and renders help to them through many channels, such as supporting education for youth by donating school supplies, giving scholarships; donating funds to public organizations for the public interest such as donations for improvement of equipment of police station for public service, donations for improvement of hospital equipment, and participating in religious activities.