Applications of Lime

Chememan is a leading producer of high calcium lime products that have a great value to our everyday life. Products of Chememan cover various end use segments such as mining, pulp and paper, sugar, bioplastics, as well as flue gas and wastewater treatment. Our customers need lime as vital part in their production process and our products are dedicated to different usages depending on their requirements.

Industry Products Product Usage
Quicklime Hydrated Lime Limestone and Grinded Limestone
1. Metal and Non-metal Industries
  • Adjust acidity of wastewater and used as a chemical in mineral dressing
2. Pulp and Paper Industries
  • Chemical in recovery process of pulp production
  • Used for mineral dressing for paper production
  • Raw material used to make Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)
3. Sugar Industry
  • Remove impurities from raw sugar and sugar
4. Bioplastic Industry
  • Component in sugar or tapioca process of which both are basic ingredients in making bioplastic
5. Steel Industry
  • Remove minerals or impurities in a process of smeltering metals, and production of high quality steel that uses a furnace
6. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  • Ingredient in basic chemical process, such as soda ash and calcium carbonate
7. Agricultural Industry
  • Improve soil quality, adjust soil acidity
  • Neutralize acidity of shrimp farms
  • Added to increase calcium in animal feed
8. Basic Infrastructure Industry
  • Expel sulfur dioxide gas that arises from electric power and waste incineration plants
  • Aid in the silting of sediments, and remove or lessen the hard water to produce clear water
9. Construction and Construction Materials Industries
  • Used as raw material in making cement, bricks and other construction materials
  • Used as ingredient to increase the characteristics of plaster
  • Adjust land construction site
10. Glass, Bottles and Mirror Industries
  • Remove minerals or impurities in glass, bottles and mirror production
11. Fiber Glass Industry
  • Is part of production process