Quicklime kiln (KK6) with installed capacity

of 109,5001 tons per year commenced commercial operations in January 2018.

Received an approval from The Securities and Exchange Commission

to issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 240,000,000 shares.

Issued an IPO of 240,000,000 shares from 14 to 16 March 2018,

raising the Company’s paid-up capital from Baht 720 million to Baht 960 million, consisting of 960 million ordinary shares at Baht 1 per share.

Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand

on 21 March 2018.

Financial restructuring with a financial institution,

in the third quarter of 2018, to replace existing loan and reduce financial costs.


Increased capital from Baht 650 million to Baht 720 million

by raising Baht 70 million from existing shareholders.

by holding a 50% stake in the company to construct a production plant, and sell limestone and lime products in Tuticorin, India.

Transformed into a public company

on 10 August 2017.


Increased production capacity of 182,500 TPY at Kangkoi plant

by installing two kilns (KK3 and KK5) Q3, 2016.

Set up Chememan India Private Limited

to conduct market research and build customer base in India.

Entered into a joint venture, namely Siriman Chemicals India Private Limited,

by holding a 50% stake in the company to construct a production plant and sell lime products in Visakhapatnam, India.


Formed a Joint Venture, Chememan Lao Company Limited,

to produce and sell limestone and lime products, by holding a 60% share in the company.

Received a new 25-year concession for industrial mining of limestone at Tubkwang Quarry, ending in 2040,


Increased production capacity of 109,500 TPY at Kangkoi plant

by installing the 2nd quicklime kiln (KK2).

Built a hydrate lime plant in Rayong,

with installed production capacity of 87,600 TPY.


Increased Lime production capacity

of 54,750 TPY at Kangkoi plant by installing the 1st quicklime klin, so called KK1.


Set up Northman Company Limited

in Vietnam to supply secondary source of raw material, conduct product inspection and local market research in Vietnam.

Set up Chememan International

the company's trading arm in Singapore.


Converted a source of fuel from fuel oils to natural gas

as to improve production efficiency of two lime kilns of Prabuddhabaht plant.

Set up Chememan Australia

as the company’s trading arm in Western Australia.


Acquiredd land at Kangkoi district, 

currently being Kangkoi plant, and develop to be a new production facility of lime products.


Received a transferred mineral mine concession certificate of Tubkwang quarry transferred

from the existing holder.


Subleased mineral mining right of Tubkwang quarry

from the existing concession holder and commenced operation of Tubkwang quarry in Kangkoi district, Saraburi province.


Incorporated as a limited company

on March 5 with the registered capital of 1 million Baht to manufacture and sell lime and lime-related products.